Religious Education

All students, from Prep to Year Six, participate in formal Religious Education classes through which they come to know the scriptures, especially the Gospels, and learn about the traditions, history and sacramental life of the Catholic Church. Whilst faith is a gift from God, we aim to nurture the children’s faith journey by assisting them to develop a relationship with God through which they come to know Him and His teachings. It is our aim to provide learning experiences for the children which enable them to respond to the world in the light of the Gospels so that their actions, decisions and relationships draw deeply on the example of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that throughout their lives they bring the gospel to life through their actions in relationship with others.

Lead by Pauline Boyle

Your child’s faith life began at their Baptism. Together, we will further develop your child’s love of God, understanding of Jesus and strengthening of their faith though daily prayer, ritual, Mass and our sacrametal programs. We blend stories linked to our faith with life examples of how we can live our faith to bring faith alive in all we are and all we do. We look forward to journeying with you.

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