Vision & Values

Our Vision

Mary Queen of Heaven is a learning community that lives the gospel values. We follow the example of Mary in fostering our relationship with Jesus our God. 

We are empowered to solve problems, to nurture compassionate and respectful learners who work together for the common good.

Our Motto: ‘Let the Light Shine’

Mary Queen of Heaven is named after Our Lady.  The Mother of Jesus- Jesus, the one true source of light for all of us.  

In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us ‘I am the Light of the World’ [John 8:12]. When we follow Jesus, we walk in His light. Mary walked always in the light of Jesus and followed His Way, the Way that leads to Heaven. 

The Light can be linked to Heaven, our eternal home.  It is reflected in the accent of gold through our school colours.  The light of God permeates all that we are and all that we do at Mary Queen of Heaven. 

We are called to see the light, be the light and shine the light of God.

Our Values

By focusing on values, students are supported to behave across all settings in a manner that maximises the potential outcomes of each individual, while showing respect for others.

At Mary Queen of Heaven, we value:

To love others we must love ourselves and our God.  We are called to love our neighbours and encourage others to do the same.  Mary was an exceptional example of love: loving and forgiving even in her darkest days.  Jesus’ love for us and the love of our eternal destination of Heaven is reflected in the name of our School.  We encourage our students to be instruments of love in their words and actions.


Mary our Mother was a wonderful example of humility.

Humility is the place of openness from which you can learn, grow and change to become all you can be. It takes courage to humble yourself and be willing to admit you do not have all the answers.

To be truly humble we need to spend time listening to others. ...

  1. Practice mindfulness, and focus on the present. ...
  2. Be grateful for what you have. ...
  3. Ask for help when you need it. ...
  4. Seek feedback from others on a regular basis. ...
  5. Review your actions against the language of pride.

We encourage our students to be humble and gracious in their interactions with others.

Respect for self and others is integral in promoting quality relationships and a loving and harmonious school community.

We encourage our students to practice respect for self, others and property in their daily life at Mary Queen of Heaven.

Mary was a woman of courage.  She courageously said 'Yes' when called upon by God.   Courage can mean standing up for what you believe in, being a responsible risk taker and following your hopes and dreams.  

We encourage our students to be courageous in their learning, in their relationships and in the decisions they make.


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