Student Wellbeing is fundamental to successful learning. At Mary Queen of Heaven, we recognise that students are more likely to engage fully with their learning when their social, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing is healthy and when they possess a strong sense of worth.

We believe that students who are happy, confident and able to establish meaningful relationships with their peers, school, family and community are better placed to achieve positive learning outcomes.

We strive to create an optimal learning environment where every student feels safe and supported and where all students learn to be responsible for their actions.

Our Seasons for Growth program provides support for grieving students.

Embedded in the curriculum are the following wellbeing processes:

  • Establish healthy relationships
  • Make responsible and ethical decisions
  • Recognise and manage their emotions
  • Set positive goals
  • Meet personal and social goals, and
  • Develop coping skills to deal constructively and effectively with life’s challenges.
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