Enrolments for Prep open on 1st March each year and close on 31st March.   We encourage families to enrol when their child is in their 4 year old kinder year. Families wishing to enrol students in other year levels can contact the school office.  A $100 enrolment application fee is to be made with your enrolment.

Yes. Families can enrol students from all year levels, some availability in year levels other than Prep remain open.

Yes, all Catholic Primary Schools are zoned.  Our zoning is both sides of Mickleham Rd, north of Somerton Rd to Dellamore Lane.  See Map below


SCHOOL FEES are $2,000 (per family)

  • Payable IN FULL at the beginning of the year, Due 16/2/2024
  • OR in three instalments:
    • Term 1: Due 16/2/2024 ($667)
    • Term 2: Due 26/4/2024 ($667)
    • Term 3: Due 12/7/2024 ($666)

MAINTENANCE LEVY PER FAMILY $200.00 (Due 16/2/2024)

This levy contributes towards the improvement and maintenance of our buildings and grounds.

STUDENT LEVY PER CHILD $480 (Due 16/02/2024)

The student levy covers all your children’s books and stationery requirements. It also covers the purchase of materials for different subject areas such as English, Maths, Inquiry, Library, Art, Computers and Physical Education etc.


This will cover the cost of incursions and excursions. This will not be refundable should your child be away on the day of the excursion. Transport costs for the Year Six interschool sports are not included in the excursion levy. Children will be required to pay for these separately as the need arises.

SCHOOL DAY CAMPS (one winter and one summer experience) PER CHILD (All Victorian based)

  • Year Five/Six: TBA

Stage 1 development includes:

  • 9 flexible General Learning Areas
  • A spacious  sacred space for gathering
  • A welcoming  administrative space
  • 2 well equipped specialist areas including a studio and library
  • Netball/Basketball court
  • Adventure playground
  • Landscaping
  • Lunchtime clubs daily
  • Passive play options

MQH prides itself on data driven learning.  We meet the needs of our students academically,  socially,  emotionally and spiritually. All programs are  based on  evidence based research. We personalise the curriculum to ensure that every learning opportunity is designed to meet the learning needs of the individual.  Small group instruction is targeted at the learning level of each learner.  Small group, partner and whole group learning encourages our learners to be social, interactive and develop the learning dispositions and Habits of Mind to be self driven assessment capable learners. Cultivating a growth mindset, we believe that all learners can grow, learn & flourish.

Yes. We are the third school in the Parish of Good Shepherd, Gladstone Park.  Our sister schools are St. Carlos, Greenvale and School of The Good Shepherd, Gladstone Park.

We will not have a church onsite, however for special occasions we will bus our students to Mass at Good Shepherd.  All sacraments will be celebrated at the church.  For school based liturgy, gatherings and some Religious education classes we will utilise our Sacred Space.

Yes. Our students will celebrate Reconciliation in year 3, Eucharist in year 4 and Confirmation in year 6.  All sacrament preparation will take place at school as part of the Religious Education curriculum.  The sacraments themselves will be celebrated at the Church as Parish Masses or additional special Masses.

Our Catholic feeder schools are Kolbe, Penola, Parade, Ave Maria.  Families choosing to send children to state secondary schools are zoned according to your home address.

BIG Childcare is our Before and After Care provider.  They offer an exceptional service that runs from 6:30am-8:30am and from 3/3:15pm to 6:00pm daily.  This service is well attended by many of our families, the feedback we have received is exceptional.  BIG Childcare also offers Holiday Programs on school closure days and in the school holidays.

The school gates will open at 8:30am for an 8:55am bell to start the day. The day will conclude at 3:00pm Monday-Tuesday and 3:15pm Wednesday-Friday.

The language other than English that we offer is Italian.  Our Italian teacher also has a musical background so there is a beautiful combination of music and Italian.

The most effective intervention happens in the classroom through differentiated instruction. However we will offer additional support such as Number Intervention, Reading Discovery dependent upon our student needs.

We offer Visual Arts, STEM, PE and LOTE (Language other than English) to begin with. As enrolments grow our specialist program will also grow.

All students will have access to devices to support their learning. Our preps use shared devices, our year 1-6 students have a 1:1 device program - fully funded by the school.

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