Student led Inquiry is an educational approach driven by students’ curiosity about the world in which they live. Students make proposals to create projects and teachers guide appropriate ways of demonstrating learning to ensure the focus is on ‘process’ rather than ‘product’. Student led Inquiry ensures that our learning dispositions and social capabilities are explicitly embedded within the learning process.

Inquiry learning draws on student’s experiences both inside and outside of the classroom environment, to relate the capabilities they are developing during structured learning activities to the development of specific skills which relate to the world outside the classroom.

Our personalised approach to learning is informed by the Victorian Curriculum and caters for how each individual student learns. We provide powerful learning opportunities for students to develop critical skills and understandings that will empower them to be successful and active participants in our global community.

Our differentiated program provides learning opportunities which respond to the diverse needs of all our learners. The data gained through rich and timely assessment allows us to provide flexible learning pathways to develop contemporary literacies and collaboration.

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