This term our little learners noticed a problem… “The birds were feasting on our newly laid seed!” They came to us with a solution to the problem… “Let’s build scarecrows!”

Through a detailed Inquiry process they utilised problem solving, working collaboratively, gathering data, gathering resources, being resourceful, focusing on sustainability – they did it all!

Have a look at the process they took and the success they achieved for themselves and for the community of Mary Queen of Heaven!

Tuning In- Lets be curious
What are you wondering?
When you see this image what does it make you think about?
What do you already think/feel/know about this?
What do you need to know or think more about?
Why might this be worth learning about?
Let’s figure out what we already think about this.
Let’s see what we can work out first.
What’s interesting about this?
What do we need to get better at as learners?
Finding out- How can we be problem solvers?

What would be the best way to find out?
Who could we ask? What could we do?
How is this making us feel?
What skills will we need to use?

Sorting out and going further- What steps will we take?

How has our thinking changed?
What questions have we answered? Not?
How is this making a difference to us?
What do we need?
What do we need to do?

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