Dr Angela Rogers has combined her own experience as a parent and knowledge as an expert in Maths Education to share top maths tips for starting school.

  1. Be positive about maths- Have a positive attitude towards Maths at home 
  2. Look out for maths- Maths is everywhere. You will be using money, time, measurement and counting skills every day. 
  3. Play Board/Card Games- Whether it is Twister (recognising left, right), Uno (counting, number recognition, matching colours) or Dice games these all support children to engage in mathematical thinking and problem solving. 
  4. Share maths moments/be interested in maths- Show them you are curious and interested in maths- this will spark their interest and show them that maths is “cool” in football, cricket, shopping. 
  5. Do Maths- Think about playing games at home, or  calculating scores…see it’s not about being a ‘maths person’ it’s just about being a person who does maths- so give that gift to your child and they will thrive at school 
  6. Count, Count, Count- Counting provides a super important foundation for early mathematical understanding. Ask children to count plates for dinner, birds in the park, ducks on the pond, flowers on a plant- anything.Sometimes you can model counting for them, sometimes count things together, sometimes invite them to count on their own.

(Thanks to Dr Ange Rogers for her Blog on ‘Maths tips for starting school. Read more on her blog here- )

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