Learning & Teaching – Inquiry

This term, the children have been inquiring into ‘Our Place. Our Community’.  Here is a summary of the children’s learning so far.


The Preps have been exploring the question ‘What is land?’, particularly the Indigenous perspective of land through our Acknowledgement of Country and the text ‘Somebody’s Land’. They shared their perspective of ‘Land’ through collage. Here are some of their pieces:



Our 1-2 children read the book ‘What we’ll build’. They paused at the page “What shall we build, you and I?” and responded to this through drawing in a collaborative piece:


The 3-4 children have been exploring the Acknowledgement of Country. They have been unpacking the language used in the Acknowledgement and its significance for us today. They will work towards creating an Acknowledgement to be displayed in each of our learning spaces.

The 4-6 children have been investigating what it means to be responsible and particularly, what it means to be a leader. They engaged in dialogue around what their definition of leadership is, and discussed inspiring leaders in their lives. Here is a snapshot of their thinking:

They then brainstormed possible leadership roles, that matched with our values:

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